All parcel and owner information is available to the public.

7/1/2023 Final Roll  is now available.

Taxable status date is March 1st.

PDF copies of the current and prior roll year (two prior) can be viewed on the Yates County website., please go to Departments/Real Property. Current tax rates and other information is also available.

Please call our office at 315-536-5165 or email us at if you have any questions.

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Image Mate Online is Yates County’s commitment to provide the public with easy access to real property information. Yates County, with the cooperation of SDG, provides access to RPS data, tax maps, and photographic images of properties.

Tax maps and images are rendered in many different formats. To properly view the tax maps and images contained within this system you will need to have the following plugins installed:

Adobe Acrobat Reader.Adobe Acrobat Reader.